Welcome to Nederman FutureDays

Future Days is an initiative by world leading industrial clean air specialist Nederman. Starting in 2019 we have produced a series of webinars, conferences and interviews forming a meeting point where we elaborate on the future of a sustainable industrial manufacturing.

Please take a moment to scan what we have been debating so far. And keep an eye open for future iniatives – because clean air is important!

Webinar May 12, 2022:

“Energy optimization for a modern industry – the way to efficient and sustainable solutions”

Full program and videos here.

The way to efficient and sustainable solutions

Efficient, reliable and sustainable energy consumption is a key success factor in the manufacturing industry. Todays´ situation where high and rising energy costs and even supply shortage dominates the debate, energy has turned into a top challenge for production facilities worldwide.

How can we optimize our production processes to strengthen competitiveness and also move sustainability forward? Strategies vary between companies but in the end it´s all about profitability.

The question is – how should you and your company deal with the current, and future, energy situation? Will energy efficiency even turn out to be the future number 1 competitive advantage?

Nederman. The Clean Air Company

Growing populations and demand for goods and products will inevitably lead to greater
demand for a resource efficient and sustainable industrial production. Clean air is a global
challenge but we see a future built on the cornerstones of continued economic growth,
digital solutions and decreasing emissions. A bright future where Nederman plays a
significant part.
Nederman´s promise – to protect people production and our planet from the harmful effects
of industrial processes – is a unique declaration of our ambition to always stand alongside
our customers as they take new steps towards tomorrow´s production solutions.