"Energy optimization for a modern industry - the way to efficient and sustainable solutions”

The way to efficient and sustainable solutions

Efficient, reliable and sustainable energy consumption is a key success factor in the manufacturing industry. Todays´ situation where high and rising energy costs and even supply shortage dominates the debate, energy has turned into a top challenge for production facilities worldwide.

How can we optimize our production processes to strengthen competitiveness and also move sustainability forward? Strategies vary between companies but in the end it´s all about profitability.

The question is – how should you and your company deal with the current, and future, energy situation? Will energy efficiency even turn out to be the future number 1 competitive advantage?



Watch our webinar from May 12, 2022, and get a closer understanding of industrial development, sustainability and the clean air situation.

> Opening statement

Today’s host Pontus Herin and Sven Kristensson, CEO, Nederman


> Interview: Energy efficiency and environmental effects

Green development is at the top of every business agenda and, therefore, also focus on energy usage. In Sweden, but probably also elsewhere, roughly one third of all energy is consumed for industrial purposes. Focusing on energy efficiency will have great impact not only on production costs and competitiveness but will also contribute to a positive environment and a much sought-after climate change. 

Dag Henning, Energy analyst, The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency 


> Round table: A new energy situation for Swedish industry – how can we make progress?

Energy supply shortages and big raises in energy prices. And at the same time a growing demand for energy to support the green development. Everyone is affected by this sudden change but how do some of the leading Swedish businesses tackle the situation? How will it affect competitiveness and sustainability? What are the solutions at hand and what are their forward strategies?

Ulf Hellström Business Manager Sweden
Anna Kinberg Batra Chairman of the Board, Svensk Solenergi
Lina Håkansdotter VP and Head of Public Affairs, H” Green Steel
Fredrik Ekström VP Energy Division, Alfa Laval


> Round table: How can energy focused digitalization and innovation provide the solutions needed

Indoor climate and ventilation systems as well as clean air solutions, together with many other industrial support systems, are major sources for energy consumption but also necessary for worker safety and environmental protection. Following Industry 4.0 breakthrough digitalization has developed rapidly within the manufacturing industry worldwide. Can digitalization and innovation also provide solutions for energy optimization? 

Ola Ringdahl  CEO, Lindab Group
Sven Kristensson  President & CEO, Nederman Group

Elin Akinsi  Founding Partner, ELS Analysis

> Closing statement

Today’s host Pontus Herin and Sven Kristensson, CEO, Nederman